Upholstery cleaning

Our specialised upholstery cleaning services clean and maintain your office furniture upholstery on items such as boardroom chairs, office chairs and privacy screens. We also specialise in cleaning leather, suede and printed fabric chairs and couches.

Our staffs are highly trained to carry out our upholstery cleaning services, and they use only the latest tools and detergents. Because of this, your furniture not only stays clean and hygienic, but the material with which the furniture is made lasts longer and looks better

We offer two main types of upholstery cleaning services to suit your needs: low moisture upholstery cleaning and wet extraction upholstery cleaning.

Our low moisture upholstery cleaning services are ideal if your upholstery is in heavy use and needs to be cleaned regularly. With this service, we use detergents that contain very little moisture. This makes your furniture last longer, which saves you money in the long run.

Our wet extraction upholstery cleaning service is ideal for furniture that needs restorative or deep cleaning. This type of upholstery cleaning is ideal if your furniture hasn’t been cleaned for a long time and needs extra attention.


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